BLUFFDALE — A Utah Highway Patrol trooper used a Taser to stun a 42-year-old transient walking south on northbound I-15 Friday afternoon after the man ignored orders and started a "brawl" with two officers, UHP said.

"He got a little gash on his head when he fell from the Tase," said UHP spokesman Ted Tingey. "They just couldn't stop him."

A field trooper, who UHP officials are not identifying yet, saw the "homeless-looking" suspect walking in the opposite direction of freeway traffic near the Point of the Mountain.

The officer stopped to ask the suspect, who wasn't wearing a coat in the rainy weather, if he needed help, police said.

"He just ignored him," said Tingey. "He just kept on walking like he never saw (the officer)."

The officer reversed his car to again face the suspect for questioning.

"He ignored him again," Tingey said.

It was around that time, police said, that backup arrived. When the suspect did not respond to the arriving officer, either, the two officers "grabbed" him.

"That's when the man started fighting," Tingey said. "He was really throwing the punches."

The suspect, who police believe is a vagrant from Mexico, was still standing when he was Tased. When he fell from the shock, he gashed his head "in the cheek area," Tangey said.

Paramedics attended to the wound at the scene; the suspect was taken to American Fork Hospital for further attention. He received a couple of stitches in his head and had a bruised shoulder.

Later Friday or early today, he was to be booked into Utah County Jail for suspicion of two misdemeanor offenses: pedestrian on a freeway and resisting arrest.