A computer glitch removed the PIN code security from Deseret First Credit Union's ATM cards.

The problem was caused by a new computer system, which was installed Nov. 9. It is not clear, however, if the problem existed since installation or was a more recent problem, said spokesman Connon Williams.

A personal identification number was not needed for ATM transactions because of the problem, Williams said. Instead, any string of numbers would have worked.

The credit union found out about the problem Wednesday and had it repaired within a few hours, Williams said. As far as they know, no fraud took place before the problem was fixed, and no customers lost any money.

"It had the potential for abuse," Williams said. "But there are so many fraud-prevention procedures in place that we would have caught it."

The glitch happened because the new computer system requires a third-party communication to verify PINs. Their old system verified the numbers in-house.

But Williams said the computer system was secure and a significant upgrade over the credit union's previous system.