Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River corridor is a marvelous place on the northern edge of Canyonlands National Park. Twisting its way below colorful 1,000-foot cliffs, it is a premier national canoeing and boating destination. Ancient Indian rock art can be found. Unique and rare species of fish course the waters. The deep silence is spell-binding, broken only by the ripple of the river and an occasional raven or canyon wren.

The Green River is without a doubt one of America's and Utah's greatest rivers. Throughout its entire 400-mile length below Flaming Gorge Dam to the mighty Colorado River, it is deserving of protection under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. It would provide for unparalleled rustic recreation and would continue to provide economic support to the town of Green River.

Despite all this, the Moab field office of the Bureau of Land Management has inexplicably decided against finding a 35-mile segment of the Green River, from Swasey's rapid down to where the San Rafael River enters, suitable for protection. One cannot help but wonder what possible future development along the river will conceivably net a better return for people or for wildlife than the river in its natural state. What special interest stands to benefit? Please, BLM, reverse your decision!

Kirk C. Robinson


Western Wildlife Conservancy

Salt Lake City