This letter is to all those brave souls who venture out in the early morning in the cold, wind and terrible weather this winter to clear the snow from the parking lots of the shopping areas throughout the valley. I am impressed with your devotion to duty and the good job that you do in general.

However, my concern is that as my wife — who is disabled and requires a wheelchair — and I have gone to several parking areas, we have found excess snow piled up in the handicapped parking areas. Why is that? In my opinion, those who are less sure of foot or may require a wheelchair or powerchair need to have the most consideration.

Am I wrong? Perhaps those who clear the snow could start in the handicapped parking areas and push the snow to the outside instead of piling it up where it is certainly a danger to our disabled friends. Thank you for what you do. But take some thought about those who may slip and fall or who need assistance in getting from place to place.

Thomas C. Moore

West Jordan