As a college student majoring in sign language interpreting, I am always excited to see articles in relation to signing and deafness. Alas, when I finished reading about Leah Coleman (Dec. 4), I couldn't help but feel some things were misstated.

First, the article said that Leah is now "a normal child." Why was she not a "normal child" before?

The article also mentioned Leah's cochlear implant and said that she can now hear. An implant does not make a deaf person hear like someone who was born hearing. By saying that, it sounds like she didn't have to have any training but could just magically hear, which is not the case.

And last, you mention that teaching sign language to kids who can hear helps them with literacy. What about deaf children? If you look around the deaf community, the most literate deaf adults are those who used sign language growing up instead of trying to learn to speak and read lips.

I still thought this was a good article. Any exposure to deaf culture for the hearing population is good.

Whitney Asay

Salt Lake City