Salt Lake City police have apparently reopened a 15-year-old cold case homicide.

Danielle Anderson, 22, was found dead in a room at the Super 8 Motel, 161 S. 200 West, on Nov. 18, 1992. An autopsy determined she was strangled to death.

Anderson's body was found by motel manager Dawn Prosser. Prosser went to check the room after Anderson failed to check out on time. The room was locked, according to court documents. The only way to lock the deadbolt was either from inside the room or by one of three manager keys, court documents state.

Prosser herself stayed the night in one of the vacant rooms. Her 39-year-old boyfriend was also with her that night. Her boyfriend also happened to be Anderson's former boyfriend, court documents state.

On the night Anderson was killed, Prosser said she went to sleep about 11:30 p.m., but her boyfriend stayed up later and at one point left the room, according to court documents. He would have had access to a manger's key, which was left in the room, court documents state.

About 1 a.m., two people staying in the room directly below Anderson's said they heard what sounded like a fight going on in the room above them, including the sound of someone gagging and gasping for air, according to court documents. They also heard a woman saying what sounded like the name of a man, court documents state. That man's name was similar to the last name of Prosser's boyfriend.

Fingernail clippings were taken and preserved as evidence. The case ran cold, however, and was later closed.

In March 2005, police reopened the case. The fingernail clippings were taken by police to the Sorenson Genomics Lab in September of this year. In October, the lab reported that the DNA of a male was found on Anderson's fingernail clippings. On Oct. 22, a search warrant was obtained to get a saliva cheek swab of the former boyfriend. The document was filed in 3rd District Court.

Salt Lake City police Thursday declined comment because the case is still an active investigation.

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