France: Billed for food

PARIS — The government has asked the families of six French charity workers detained in Chad on kidnapping charges to pay for their food in prison, the Defense Ministry said Thursday.

The charity workers were preparing to fly 103 children from eastern Chad to host families in Europe when they were detained and charged with kidnapping.

Haiti: Child kidnappings

PORT-AU-PRINCE— Haiti is witnessing a new spate of child kidnappings, with at least 14 youngsters abducted and one killed in the past five weeks, U.N. and Haitian police said Thursday.

Child kidnappings make up the majority of the 24 abductions reported in an end-of-year surge in the impoverished Caribbean country, U.N. officials said.

Pakistan: Home is exploded

ISLAMABAD — Security forces blew up the home of a fugitive pro-Taliban cleric Thursday after capturing two militant-held towns in northern Pakistan, the army said.

Security forces faced no resistance in taking cleric Maulana Fazlullah's complex, which includes a seminary, hostels and a mosque, army officials said. The complex near the town of Mingora was abandoned when about 400 troops and police — backed by tanks and helicopter gunships — moved in.

Uganda: Ebola kills doctors

KAMPALA — Health workers are among the dead in an Ebola outbreak in Uganda, spreading panic among doctors and nurses needed to help treat victims of the highly contagious disease, officials said.

Doctors and nurses did not at first know what they were facing, so failed to protect themselves, according to a lawmaker representing the western region at the center of the outbreak. Experts say the Ebola subtype that sparked the outbreak is new and the classic Ebola symptoms were not always present, slowing diagnosis.