Two missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints missing on the French Caribbean island of Martinique have been found — safe.

The LDS Church said this morning that Elders Thomas Levi Swain and Tyson Delmar Gray were found early this morning by a local farmer.

"The Elders had been hiking Mount Pelee on Monday afternoon and became disoriented and trapped in the dense foliage by difficult terrain," the church said in a statement. "Both Elders are doing well and intend to continue their missions on the island."

Swain, who is a British citizen from New Zealand, had been serving his mission for the past 18 months. Gray, who is from Taylorsville, has only been there since November. Both men were reported missing on Monday night after what authorities in Martinique described as a day hike on Mount Pelee, a 4,600-foot volcano on the island.

Martinique police said the two men told officers they could hear helicopters searching for them but couldn't find a clearing in the dense vegetation to signal to them. Farmers found them on the mountain and notified police.

The elders were described as weak from a lack of food, but otherwise healthy.

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