Afghanistan: Suicide bomb

KABUL — A suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into a minibus carrying Afghan soldiers in a crowded market south of Kabul on Wednesday, killing at least 13 people and wounding 20, officials said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility. The third suicide blast around the capital in eight days was in line with the militants' strategy of staging spectacular attacks on Western-trained security forces, but civilians usually pay the highest price.

Colombia: Child returned

BOGOTA — A female guerrilla deserted Colombia's largest rebel army and carried a 4-year-old hostage on a 24-hour jungle trek back to his family, authorities said.

The guerrilla hiked through the jungle with Brian Rincon Arias in her arms to reach a military base in the northeast border town of Arauquita on Tuesday, Gen. Jose Joaquin Cortes, head of the army's second division, told local media.

The child was kidnapped in June from a nursery school in the city of Cucuta and was placed in the care of the female guerrilla, who was identified only by her nickname, "La Negra."

Peru: Fujimori verdict

LIMA — A judge will hand down a verdict next week in an abuse-of-authority case against Alberto Fujimori, the first and least serious of the charges that might keep Peru's former president in prison for the rest of his life.

The prosecutor is seeking a sentence of seven years and a $330,000 fine on charges Fujimori abused his authority by ordering a search without a warrant of the apartment of his former spy chief's wife as his regime was collapsing in a corruption scandal.

A Judicial Branch news release published Wednesday said Fujimori would be sentenced on Tuesday on the most minor of the seven charges he faces.

Sudan: Probe into attacks

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced Wednesday he was opening an investigation against Sudanese government officials for what he called systematic attacks on refugee camps in Darfur.

Luis Moreno Ocampo said his office would also investigate violence against humanitarian workers and peacekeepers in Darfur, including an Oct. 29 attack on the Haskanita military base that left 10 African Union soldiers dead and one missing. Rebels were blamed for that attack.

Tibet: Contestant quits

A Tibetan woman said Wednesday that she pulled out of a beauty pageant in Malaysia after organizers, reacting to pressure from Beijing, told her halfway through the event that she could only participate if she added "China" to her "Miss Tibet" title.

Tsering Chungtak, 22, was allowed to participate in the preliminary rounds of the Miss Tourism contest for one week but was later told by the organizers to either wear a sash labeled "Miss Tibet-China" or quit, she told reporters after her return to the Indian capital, New Delhi.