NEW YORK (AP) — The home of the $25,000 dessert is back is business, after health officials concluded it no longer is home to mice and cockroaches.

Serendipity 3, a popular tourist destination on Manhattan's East Side, was allowed to reopen Tuesday, about three weeks after the restaurant was shuttered because of rodent infestation.

The famous sweet shop was closed Nov. 14 after it failed two inspections in a month. Inspectors spotted mouse droppings, fruit flies, house flies and more than 100 live cockroaches.

Serendipity's delectable menu items sometimes have patrons standing in line for hours to get inside. Its $25,000 Frrrozen Haute Chocolate — featuring top-grade cocoa, edible gold and shavings of a luxury truffle — was declared the most expensive dessert by Guinness World Records.