Typically, I enjoy Chris Hicks' columns. But I have to take exception to his column regarding Robert Redford's comments about Mitt Romney and the LDS Church (Nov. 30). Whether you agree or disagree with Redford's comments, to compare them, in any way, with the recent rantings of people like Mel Gibson and Michael Richards is simply ludicrous.

I personally found nothing hurtful in what Redford had to say — certainly nothing I would lose any sleep over. Throughout my life I have heard other people say things about the LDS Church that make Redford's comments sound complimentary.

We, as Latter-day Saints, need to quit being so thin-skinned. Of course people like Redford are going to look at our faith with a degree of skepticism. Big deal. Isn't that what being a "peculiar" people is all about?

Clark Roger Larsen

Salt Lake City