In response to Bernard Haisch's criticism of Islam (Readers' Forum, Dec. 3), I must say that in my travels to Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates, I have met hundreds of Muslims, and I work with dozens on a daily basis. They are just like "us," children of God trying to figure out this world and improve their prospects for the next. Eric Hoffer said that all groups are judged by their least worthy members. Citing the extremism of the fringe few Muslims is unjust. What do the Inquisition, Nazism, Manifest Destiny, the KKK and Warren Jeffs say about Christianity? Think about the least worthy members of the groups you belong to before pointing an accusing finger at others, especially those you obviously know little about personally.

The solution is not excoriating Islam but in befriending and loving our fellow children of God who are Muslims — in other words, following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

David L. Wilson

Saratoga Springs