The Salt Lake City Police Academy graduated a record 35 recruits Friday.

Thirty-two of the new recruits will now go to work for the Salt Lake City Police Department and three for Salt Lake City Airport Police. Five of the new recruits are women.

Those who will work with Salt Lake City Police will start field officer training, which includes riding along with a veteran officer for a few months.

"They learn how to be cops in real, day-to-day activities, not just in the classrooms," said Salt Lake City Police detective Jeff Bedard.

The addition of 32 officers to the department will increase the overall staffing by 12 after vacancies from retirement and other reasons are filled. Those officers will be put on patrol duty on Salt Lake City's streets, Bedard said.

This graduating class also was believed to be the first to graduate 100 percent of the recruits that started.

"It's the first anybody can recall in quite a while," Bedard said.