PROVO — A woman sentenced last December for sexually abusing a young boy was in court again Monday where she denied slacking off in her sex-offender therapy.

Amber Childs, 31, was sentenced Dec. 18, 2006, on three class A misdemeanors including lewdness involving a child and attempted witness tampering.

Prosecutors said she sexually abused a 6-year-old boy in her American Fork home, then told him if he didn't keep it a secret, he would get in trouble.

Her sentence last year didn't include jail time because Judge Samuel McVey ruled Childs' time spent in the state hospital from February to November 2006 could be credited toward jail time.

However, Childs was to complete sex-offender treatment, substance-abuse treatment and stay away from drugs during her 24-month probation.

Adult Probation and Parole, which monitors those placed on probation, recently reported to the prosecutor and court that Childs had fallen short in several areas and recommended 30 days in jail.

"These accusations are very, very disturbing," said prosector Doug Finch. "(It seems from these reports that) she's been on the edge of almost every aspect of her life."

However, Childs and her defense attorney, Barbara Gonzales, denied several allegations, including one that Childs isn't participating in sex offender therapy.

Gonzales said she has letters from Childs' therapists that talk about how well Childs is doing and that she will soon move to the next step in treatment. They will argue for dismissal of that allegation in an evidentiary hearing on Dec. 17, though Gonzales originally asked for the hearing after the holidays.

"No," said Judge Samuel McVey. "If she's not complying with sex-offender treatment I want to know."

Childs also denied that she's failing to pay her fines.

"She's behind, but she's paying," Gonzales said.

However, Childs admitted several things, including that she had used meth on Nov. 10 and lived at a motel for several days — a place unapproved by her probation officer.

She was booked into jail Nov. 14 and spent five days in custody before getting out. But she now has a job and apartment and is in compliance with AP&P in those categories, Gonzales said.

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