A pack of problems

The University of Nevada pulled a seemingly dirty trick on BYU last week, bailing out of its Aug. 30, 2008, commitment to play at Edwards Stadium.

The switch was so Nevada could schedule home-and-home games with Missouri and Texas Tech.

Though Nevada could still have played BYU on that date, it apparently didn't want such a heavy non-conference schedule. Nevada officials claim BYU pushed back a 2003 game with the Wolf Pack twice already. They also said they notified BYU of proposed 2008 changes two years ago.

Well! Fer ignernt!

Whatever the case, that leaves BYU scrambling for a season-opening opponent. So for those buying season tickets for next year, get ready for Sacramento State, Eastern Washington or Central Something-or-other on Aug. 30.

On the other hand, if BYU had scheduled another Eastern Washington or two this year, the Cougs might have been playing in a BCS bowl.

Hitting the jackpot

Yeah, yeah, everyone knows all about conference contracts and such.

Still, if the Vegas Bowl really wanted to make things interesting, why not forget re-pairing BYU-UCLA and figure out a way to schedule BYU vs. Utah?

Now that's a rematch worth seeing.

Totally awesome golf

You have to love the ambiance at the Salt Lake Country Club. And Willow Creek Country Club is divine. There are many other fine golf courses in the Salt Lake area.

Still, Salt Lake didn't score high when Golf.com rated America's best big city golf markets, checking in at No. 37.

That's not bad, considering weather was one of the top factors.

Other considerations: affordability, quality, accessibility, courses designed by esteemed architects, availability and crowdedness.

Oh, and whether you might end up playing in a foursome with Super Dell Schanze.

Go, uh, team!

The Seattle Times' Dwight Perry notes that in NBC's story of legendary Grambling coach Eddie Robinson, he pleads to the Louisiana Legislature in 1946: "You know, the other team is on the 2-yard line and our cheerleaders are saying, 'Hold that line, North Louisiana Agricultural and Industrial Institute.'

"By the time they're finished saying that, they're in the end zone."

Adds Perry: "So that's why it's called Grambling."

Yup, and it also explains why Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis doesn't have a football team.

Military defeats

SI.com's Pete McEntegart on ways Notre Dame — which lost to both Navy and Air Force — can improve its record next year: "Schedule fewer service academies."

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