Today I would like share ideas about holiday greetings organization, one of many pressures that beset us during the holiday season. Let's get set up so this task is easy to do now and always.

When we prepare our holiday greetings, there are four elements to address:

Who will get our greetings?

What will we send?

How will we go about it?

When will we get to it?

If you're going to do a printed greeting, the first project is to gather your addresses and organize them on a computer file so you can get address labels printed (unless you still like to hand print them). Then you can decide what to send. It might be a photo, a card, a letter or a combination of these things. Next, you must decide how you will get the photo reproduced, the letter copied and the cards found or purchased.

Of course, you will have to buy or find some supplies: stamps, return address labels and the cards. I would like to add a small hint that has helped me over the years. If you send cards, keep them with the Thanksgiving decorations. This acts as a reminder, makes the cards readily available and saves a lot of time going through Christmas decorations trying to find the cards.

When should we do the organization for our printed greeting? I like to think that earlier is better. Please remember, if you are going to write a letter, a shorter note is better than an epistle, as people usually want to hear about your activities, know the state of your health and update your contact information.

Should you choose to send an e-mail greeting, you will have three elements to consider:

Who will get my greeting?

How will I go about finding one?

When will I send it out?

Of course, you must gather e-mail addresses. Why not organize them into an e-mail folder so you can retrieve and updated them next year with ease? Then you must decide upon and find an appropriate e-mail greeting that shares your feelings and values.

When should you mail the e-mail holiday greeting? May I suggest during do it when most people will be in a holiday mood? When you are ready, push the button, and off your greeting will go.

My dear friends, let's organize for our holiday greetings. Let's get it done and out of the way, whether you are choosing to send a printed greeting or an e-mail one. Let's begin now! It will be great to get organized in this way for this year and all the years to come.

Happy holidays!

Marie C. Ricks is a motivational speaker and the author of a new book, "Project Organization, Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Your Life." To order her products, offer comments or suggestions, go to © Marie Calder Ricks/House of Order