Lew Jeppson (Readers' Forum, Dec. 3) is absolutely correct: John McCain's debate assertions about Ron Paul's so-called "isolationism" were mistaken political grandstanding. Paul was not wrong. The late J. Reuben Clark Jr., who worked on the World War I peace treaties, warned that the vengeful Treaty of Versailles would have bad effects, including possibly triggering another world war. The treaty's requirement that the Germans pay reparations in gold depleted the support of the mark. Hjalmar Schacht of the socialistic Weimar Republic felt compelled to use the Deutsche Bank to create scads of fiat money out of thin air in order to pay bills, which resulted in hyperinflation and misery, created an environment ripe for totalitarian uprisings.

Our own national debt now soars above $9 trillion, thanks to failed so-called "centrist" policies. If voters want these same failed inter-

nationalist-interventionist policies and their dire, doleful fruit, then support a so-called centrist candidate. If you want a man for the distributed and limited powers the Constitution stipulates for the federal government, fiscal sanity and a responsible foreign policy, then you want to support Ron Paul.

Helge Skjeveland