Pamela Littky
Members of Team Sleep are working on their second album.

Todd Wilkinson, guitarist for Team Sleep, says that being in a band with Deftones singer Chino Moreno isn't as difficult as it might seem.

"We really don't have any pressures," Wilkinson said by phone from his home in Sacramento, Calif. "The band actually started just as a bunch of friends making little bits of experimental music for our answering-machine cassette."

Wilkinson and Moreno were roommates before Moreno and his band the Deftones hit it big. "We did a bunch of stuff for that answering machine," Wilkinson said. "And we got creative because we only had a few seconds to do something. Then we'd put it in our machine and people would call up and hear what we were doing. Sometimes they were offended. Other times they loved it."

Soon, the group of friends got their hands on some recording equipment and things just took off from there, said Wilkinson. "With Chino's schedule with the Deftones, it was hard for us to really get together with the others in the group, after we finally decided to get a group together. So we used a four-track recorder, and I'd lay some music down on a demo tape and we'd pass it around, and each of the others would add their parts and we'd see how it sounded after it was done."

That was basically how Team Sleep recorded its self-titled debut album. The funny thing was, Wilkinson said, that the album was never really finished but ended up in CD shops anyway. "We do a lot of things to the music, and we felt if we didn't get it out to the stores, then it would never be done. In fact, we started recording new songs for a new album before we were done with the first album."

The second album, which the band is still working on, isn't done, but tracks can be heard on the band's MySpace page ( "We don't know how we're going to release the album. We don't know if we're going to do it digitally or in the stores. Maybe we'll do something totally different."

Currently, the band — which features Wilkinson, Moreno, DJ Crook, bassist Rick Verrett and drummer Zack Hill — is gearing up for the road, something that always poses a challenge. "We all have our other responsibilities. Chino's in the Deftones, Rick is in Tinfed, Zack is in Hella, Crook has his other projects, and I'm getting my master's in English literature. So finding time for us all to get together is hard. But when we do, we give it our all."

Team Sleep's music is much different than Deftones or the other bands, said Wilkinson. "We're a different band when we come together. Sure, there are some Deftones fans who come to the shows, but they let us do what we do in Team Sleep and accept it. It's not all loud. We do some trip-hop and other styles."

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