I happen to be a Utah veteran and have been trying to get a veteran license plate. Per statute, anybody willing to pay the fee may purchase one. I am denied because I choose to ride a motorcycle. I have enlisted the help of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have also requested the aid of my representative and written our governor — all to no avail.

Allow me to share the response from our state officials:

"I have visited with our Motor Vehicle Division and we do not do special group plates such as the veteran plates for motorcycles. Issuing special group plates for motorcycles would limit us to three digits and therefore we would run out of options of numbers too quickly." — Rodney G. Marrelli, executive director, Utah State Tax Commission.

I can't help but wonder how a state such as California, with at least 10 times as many registered motorcycles, can manage to issue veteran license plates for motorcycles. What will happen when the state of Utah exceeds the current number of available characters? Will we quit issuing plates?

Kirk deMille

Cedar City