Provided by Loertscher Family
Sandy police are investigating the shooting death of this Shih Tzu named Sampson.

Sandy police on Tuesday said they questioned a suspect in connection with the shooting death of a dog, but he denied any involvement.

Investigators said they now would collect other evidence and continue to pursue leads. The man questioned remained a suspect, said Sandy police Sgt. Victor Quezada.

"Sampson," a Shih Tzu, was shot Sunday after wandering out of his yard near 2600 East and 9800 South. He was shot with a pellet, possibly from a .22-caliber rifle. The man detectives interviewed denied having such a weapon, Quezada said.

The 6-year-old dog belonged to the Loertscher family, who had owned him since he was a puppy.

The Animal Advocacy Alliance of Utah is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.