Can't get to Chicago anytime soon? Try a taste of the Windy City at one of these locally owned Chicago-style eateries:

Johnniebeefs Chicago Style Hot Dogs, 7194 S. Union Park Ave., Suite A (Family Center at Fort Union) in Midvale, is a homegrown Utah eatery owned by a Chicago native passionate about the city's eats.

That translates into Chicago-style hot dogs (mustard, onions, green relish, cucumbers, tomatoes, sport peppers, pickles and celery salt) on steamed poppy-seed buns, as well as an array of other Chicago favorites, from Italian beef sandwiches to bratwurst.

It's all served up in a clean, brightly colored space with Chicago memorabilia on the walls and friendly staff behind the counter.

You also can score a Chicago-style dog at Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria, 1442 E. Draper Parkway (12300 South), Draper, but the place is named after pizza, and excellent pizza it is: thin-crusted, square-sliced, topped with high-quality fixings that include house-made sausage.

But there is a deep-dish pie of sorts, as well: the "stuffed pizza" is two layers of chewy crust with toppings between and sauce slathered on top. Traditional Chicago sandwiches are on offer, as well, plus cannoli and other sweets for dessert.