PROVO — A Springville fertility specialist who acknowledged he made a lot of "judgement errors" was sentenced Tuesday to 360 days in jail.

Larry Andrew, 44, wept as he told 4th District Court Judge Samuel McVey he had made a lot of mistakes and hurt not only his patients and staff, but his family and friends.

"I realize how much this can affect people," he said before McVey sentenced him to two years on probation and nearly a year in the Utah County Jail.

Andrew was a doctor of osteopathy in Springville whose business was to help women who had fertility problems. Several women came forward, however, concerned with the painful, lengthy procedures during which they believed Andrew had taken advantage of them.

The Utah County Attorney's Office charged Andrew in March 2006 with numerous felony sex abuse charges. Those charges were later amended, through a plea deal, to eight class A misdemeanors of sexual battery.

One victim tearfully testified about the impact of this crime on her life and asked for as much jail time as the law would allow.

"There is no excuse for what Dr. Andrew did to his patients," she said. "No smart, slick attorney can come here and say that what he did is not a big deal."