Saurabh Das, Associated Press
Welcome relief: A child waits for distribution of "khichdi," or hodgepodge, at a relief center Sunday in Lakurtala, in Bagerhat district of Bangladesh, in the wake of the deadly Cyclone Sidr.

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 4

KABUL — A roadside bomb struck an Afghan army vehicle in an eastern province Monday, killing four soldiers and wounding two, an official said. Four civilians were killed in another blast near the capital.

The speaker of the lower house of parliament led a mass walkout of lawmakers, protesting government actions following the killing of six lawmakers and 61 schoolchildren earlier this month, one of the country's worst atrocities since the fall of the Taliban.

Aruba: No new evidence?

ORANJESTAD — Lawyers for one of three young men re-arrested in the disappearance of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway accused prosecutors Monday of rehashing old evidence and predicted all three suspects will be released again.

Attorneys Ronald Wix and David Kock told reporters that prosecutors gave them an 11 1/2-page summary of the evidence and said it mostly contained segments of interrogations that had not been transcribed previously and recordings of conversations from cell phones and discussions inside the home of their client, Satish Kalpoe.

Australia: Leader to apologize

SYDNEY — Newly elected Australian leader Kevin Rudd renewed a commitment Monday to apologize to indigenous Aborigines for past indignities.

The issue of apologizing for policies that helped make the continent's original inhabitants its most impoverished minority is a highly divisive one in Australia.

Haiti: Abducted boy slain

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Kidnappers executed a 7-year-old boy because his family could not afford to pay $680 in ransom in this impoverished Caribbean nation, police said Monday.

The body of Schneider Hervil was found Friday in the town of Cabaret, north of the Haitian capital, about two weeks after abductors snatched him from his family's home, police spokesman Frantz Lerebours said.

Kenya: Refugees leave airport

NAIROBI — A group of 22 Somali asylum seekers who spent two weeks stuck in the transit lounge of Kenya's main airport have been transferred to a United Nations refugee camp, the U.N. refugee agency said Monday.

Kenyan authorities had been expected to deport the 22 mostly women and children but instead drove them to the U.N. camp over the weekend.

The 22 were among 50 people seeking refuge from the chaos in Somalia who had been at the airport since being refused asylum in neighboring Uganda on Nov. 12. Police put 18 of the 50 on a flight back to Mogadishu last week; the remaining 32 were also expected to be flown home.

Venezuela: Protesters kill man

CARACAS — A man crossing a street blocked by anti-government protesters was shot and killed Monday in northern Venezuela, the government said, in a sign of rising tensions ahead of a referendum on constitutional change.

Vice President Jorge Rodriguez said protesters shot the 19-year-old man in Guacara, just outside the city of Valencia, during one of many demonstrations across the country before Sunday's vote on amendments President Hugo Chavez says will help bring socialism to Venezuela.