I just read an article explaining that Rep. Neil Hansen, a member of the Utah House of Representatives, wants to "outlaw the practice of" traffic ticket quotas. A law is a law, and I suspect you've helped make plenty of them. In my experience, most people who complain about traffic enforcement have a hard time obeying traffic laws, thereby making the roads unsafe.

So, here's an idea for Rep. Hansen and everyone else out there in favor of this idea: Why don't you quit whining about traffic enforcement and just obey the law? If you're so worried about police officers taking so much time to write traffic tickets that they can't respond properly to other calls, why don't you drive the speed limit, use your turn signal, and show some respect while driving? Then the officers will have more time to respond to other types of calls because they won't be writing tickets to people who are a danger on the road.

Addison Everett