OGDEN — The City Council is recommending more money for the Ogden River Trail System.

The council has recommended the city spend $1.4 million during the next five years to complete the trail system and several other projects. It's part of the council's Capital Improvement Plan for 2009 through 2013.

Council members ranked their Top-10 city projects from a list of 18 proposals. During a meeting earlier this month, they debated whether to pave Ogden-area trails or complete the trail network around the city with an underpass of a rail line that leads to Hill Air Force Base.

The underpass project ended up getting the support.

Two other underpasses, which would allow joggers and bikers to continue on the trail rather than turn back or cross railroad tracks or a street, also were included. Combined, the three trail underpasses would complete the trail system.

Once complete, trails will run from the mouth of Ogden Canyon through West Haven to the Kayak Park and beyond.

"When we first started building the trails, I would never have dreamed they'd be used as heavily as they are," said Jay Lowder, manager for the city's Public Ways and Parks Division.

The plan will be presented for public comment at a Dec. 18 hearing, then sent to the city administration.