CHICAGO (AP) — An Illinois congressman said he was a victim of racial profiling when police gave him a traffic ticket alleging he swerved over the center line.

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis, who is black, said he will go to traffic court to challenge the $75 ticket given to him early Monday by two white officers.

"I'm not one of these people who cry racism," Davis told The Associated Press on Friday. "I'm a person who believes in hard work and follows the rules."

Davis, 66, said he was on his way home from co-hosting his Sunday late-night radio talk show, "Talking to the People," and was driving with three black passengers when he was stopped.

"I know that I had not weaved. I mean, I'm not senile," he told the Chicago Tribune. "Had I weaved, I would have said 'I thought I saw a pothole,' or a snake, or something."

Interim Police Supt. Dana Starks said in a statement Thursday that the department "does not encourage, tolerate or condone racial profiling on any level." He said Davis "was stopped on probable cause and issued a citation for violating a traffic law."