The University of Utah Marriott Library just became more convenient for patrons.

Similar to ordering fast food and picking up dry cleaning, articles, books and other publications can be ready and waiting to be picked up on the next trip to the library.

"We can provide one-stop shopping, which saves patrons lots of time walking through the stacks or hunting items themselves," said Ian Godfrey, facilities and access services manager at the Marriott Library.

In addition to the new pull service, in which students, faculty and any other member of the public can request items be pulled from the stacks through the library catalog to be picked up later, the library will offer a document delivery service and an automated retrieval center (ARC).

The new services, Godfrey said, hopefully increase the convenience and appeal of all the library has to offer.

Document delivery has been available before, but not in such a wide format. From the library's inter-library loan Web page, patrons can request a specific paper journal article to be delivered to them electronically. Library staff pull the journals, find and scan the articles and send them out as links in an e-mail message.

Godfrey said the service has been available to only faculty in the past, but is now a feature for all library users. The request takes approximately 24 hours to process and patrons receive the articles without leaving their home or dorm room, he said.

ARC is another way to access nearly a million items, including journals to special collections, from home via requests on the World Wide Web. Within 5 to 10 minutes, requested material will be available at the reserve desk in the library.

More commonly circulated items will be kept on the shelves for patrons who like to browse the stacks.

All items will be loaded onto the ARC system by early December and Godfrey said he expects requests to be speedy for patrons.

"Patrons need only step 50 feet inside the library to gather materials that are housed in the ARC or in the stacks," he said. "This expedites the process for patrons and makes their trips to the library all the more efficient and user-friendly."

The library has been undergoing renovations which are expected to be complete in the fall of 2008. Services continue to be enhanced to offer students and other users of the library the best experience possible. More information on the new services can be found online at

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