CHICAGO (AP) — A former police sergeant named as a suspect in his wife's disappearance has received an unsigned letter describing a supermarket sighting of his wife elsewhere in Illinois, his attorney said Thursday.

Drew Peterson received the letter Wednesday but didn't open it until Thursday, attorney Joel Brodsky said. Peterson immediately called the Illinois State Police and his attorneys, he said.

Brodsky said Peterson hopes the letter, which describes a sighting of a possibly pregnant Stacy Peterson in Peoria, will lead authorities to his wife.

Pamela Bosco, a close friend of Stacy Peterson's family, scoffed at the idea. She said the family has received "tons of letters," signed and unsigned, from psychics and others claiming to know the missing woman's whereabouts.

"We got a letter saying she was seen in Florida," Bosco said. "She's traveling an awful lot, isn't she?"