I have never written a letter to the editor, but I am a faithful reader of Readers' Forum. I can't let Derek Smith's letter (Nov. 11) go unchallenged. He accuses the far right of going too far by not supporting what the people support. He obviously does not understand our form of representative government. None of us want to take the time to sit up on the hill during our yearly legislative sessions, so we vote in someone to represent us. He or she sits through days of debate and hears all the facts, opinions and arguments. They feel the same way as we do about some kind of meaningful reform in education. That is probably why we voted for them. We hear a few 30-second sound bites or read a two-paragraph letter sent out by the PTA and all of a sudden we are experts. Are we really that arrogant and that foolish? We need to give a little more credit to our legislators.

Mark King