ROY — The 19th Home Depot store in the state is headed for Roy.

According to Tony Reynolds, development services director for Roy city, Home Depot will build on a 12-acre site near the southeast corner of 5600 S. and 3500 West.

He said Home Depot wants to begin construction on the approximately 135,000-square-foot store in early 2008 and be open by early 2009.

He said this will be the first non-grocery big box store to be located on the city's west side. It will also fill a void created when Anderson Lumber closed in Roy about seven years ago. Roy does have a True Value Hardware store, currently its only vendor for building materials.

Currently, the nearest Home Depots to Roy are in Riverdale or Layton.

Home Depot has yet to obtain a building permit, but Reynolds said that is among "administrative matters" that need to be done before the store breaks ground and that city leaders approve of the store.

The store will be located just west of Lindquist Mortuary, and nearby pads could eventually include some smaller businesses.

It is believed that the current traffic signal in the area will be able to handle the increased traffic from the new store. Also, the city's police have been examining school safety crossings in the area, since Roy Elementary School is located just up the street to the east.

Reynolds said 3500 West, also known as "Midland Drive" and state Route 108, is becoming "a power corridor" for businesses in western Weber and Davis counties. He said there are still several dozen acres along this busy highway in Roy that could someday house more commercial businesses.

He said the trend in Roy has been for a shift in business from the long-time 1900 West corridor to 3500 West. That has alarmed some that the city's original retail area is diminishing.

"1900 West is still a great location," he said, believing the road will eventually pick up more business again. "But retailers want to follow the rooftops."

Roy city lacks a solid amount of the fancier, sit-down type of restaurants.

"I'd expect some national eateries to come in over time," Reynolds said, since these usually follow the arrival of national big box stores.

Roy currently has a population of about 38,000 and is nearing "build-out" status, with little residential property left.

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