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Tom Smart, Deseret Morning News
Utah fans had a lot to celebrate this season, including the win over No. 10-ranked UCLA.
Editor's note: We asked readers to weigh in on the Utah-BYU rivalry. Here is a sampling of what was posted on our Web site.

"Prepare to print it — "Jonny Harline watched from the stands as BYU's sophomore quarterback Max Hall connected with sophomore tight end Dennis Pitta for the Cougar's winning touchdown Saturday afternoon." — Angels in the Endzone?

"BYU will win the "Holy War" a second consecutive season on the backs of Max Hall and Harvey Unga. BYU will win this one by a touchdown, thanks to the 65,000+ strong at LaVell Edwards Stadium. BYU 35, Utah 28." — CougarNation

"Here's my headline: UTAH DEFEATS BYU IN PROVO, AGAIN . . ." — Anonymous

"All year, I've been part of the trash talk (which, by the way, is not mean-spirited; cheering injuries is one thing, but very few people are actually doing that on either side) and now I'll be as objective as possible. Both of these teams belong in the top 25, first of all; and frankly, I think they're both at least top 20 (the Utes for how they're playing right now, the Cougs for their consistency). That being said, Utah is playing exceptionally well right now. Of course this game won't be a blowout, although Utah could win by a margin that, compared to recent years, would be considered a blowout (around a two- to three-score victory, if the offense does enough). However, this game comes down to the special teams. While the Cougs are better on the ground defensively, the Utes are better at defending the pass. The Utes run the ball a lot more and better than the Cougs, while the Cougs throw early and often for good reason. I just think that Louie Sakoda will be a huge difference in field position, and the Utes will win." — utah_man18

"I am looking forward to a really good matchup this weekend between Utah and BYU. I think this game has the potential to be one of the greatest games between the two schools. Of course, since I am a BYU fan/student, I am picking BYU to win. I love this rivalry! There is just nothing else like it. You can just feel the electricity in the air." — BYUCUGR

"This much-anticipated Utah-BYU game comes down to one thing. Will Utah's defense get run over by BYU's big backs the same way they did against UNLV? Utah's pass defense has been awesome, and their offense has done an admirable job considering their rash of injuries. If Utah can stop BYU's rushing attack, they will win this game comfortably. If not, it will go down to the wire. But Utah still wins on the foot of Sakoda." — Go Utes

"BYU will beat Utah. The game will be highly charged and very tense. MY headline: BYU's clever game plan humbles sloppy Utes!" — GK-Cougar fan from England

"Utah's defense will be the difference in this game. As well-balanced as BYU's offense is, with a bevy of tight ends and receivers, and a deep running corps that includes three backs that could all be starters, Utah's defense will slow them down just enough to give the Utes a window of opportunity. The Utes will capitalize on this opportunity early in the second half, after a 10-10 halftime score. Utah will establish the running game behind Darrell Mack in the third quarter, and the stingy Utah defense, which is fifth in the nation in scoring defense, will add a touchdown to help the offense in a 31-27 victory. Mack will hit the magical 100-yard mark, and the Ute D will intercept Max Hall twice. Our stronghold over the rivalry in recent years will continue." — Go Utes! from Logan

"The Holy War comes down to a "Payne-ful" kick for the Utes." — Mikey

"The difference; Bronco (Mendenhall) will be too prideful to acknowledge this is a special game. (Kyle Whittingham) will pump his team full of emotion, they will fly out of the gates leaving BYU in a daze about how they are down by 14 at halftime." — Ute Nation

"The Utes' recent success in Provo is impressive, winning six of the last seven in LaVell Edwards (Stadium). However, BYU has its own impressive stat, which is 14 out of the 18 times BYU has been ranked when playing Utah, they have won! If we're going to talk about streaks, we might as well consider each one, right?" — 6 of 7 is good, 14 of 18 is too

"Good game coming up. This game could go either way. My thought is that BYU's offense looks more crisp lately. But I give the Utes' "D" the edge. To me, this game comes down to the "big" plays. Whoever makes them wins. Turnovers and penalties also will be the key in this game. If this is even, I give the edge to Utah for special teams play. Sakoda is an awesome weapon that the Utes have relied on." — Idaho Ute

"I love BYU as much as the next guy ... but, as much as I hate Utah, I'm gonna say that they'll win ... but by like 3 or 7 ... Utah is a very good team, and they are peaking really well now. They are healthy now, and their losses were caused by injuries." — BYU fan!!!!!!!!

"I'm ticked off BYU only won by two points last year. If BYU wins by anything less than 12 points this year I'm writing Bronco a letter to express my disappointment. They should not just beat Utah — they should punish them so decisively that no Ute fan will be able to make some lame excuse about losing the game due to bad calls. BYU — don't just beat Utah this year — demolish them!" — Ute Hater

"Sakoda will play a key factor by pinning the Y inside their 10 four or five times. This will keep UTAH's DBs fresh because they will have short fields to return Hall's interceptions. Three 80-yard interception returns for touchdowns would tire anyone out, even Robert Johnson. The field position battle, and therefore the game, will be won by Utah." — to craig

Inside the big game

Utah (8-3, 5-2) at No. 23 BYU (8-2, 6-0)

Saturday, noon; LaVell Edwards Stadium

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