Britain: Personal data lost

LONDON — Britain's tax and customs service lost banking and personal data of 25 million people — nearly half the country's population — when two computer disks disappeared in an internal mail service, the Treasury chief said Tuesday.

Paul Gray, the Revenue and Customs chairman, has resigned over the error, which happened when officials sent the disks to a government audit office.

China: Prisoner wins Golden Pen

BEIJING (AP) — Imprisoned Chinese journalist Li Changqing has been awarded the World Association of Newspapers' annual press freedom prize, the Paris-based organization said Tuesday.

The award marks the second straight year an imprisoned Chinese journalist has won the Golden Pen of Freedom.

Congo: Ebola is contained

KINSHASA — An Ebola outbreak that killed six people in Congo has been contained, the World Health Organization and government officials said Tuesday.

"We can say today that the Ebola epidemic has been completely subdued — having observed a period twice the length of the disease's incubation period without any new infections," Health Minister Makwenge Kaput said.

Cuba: Vote set for Jan. 20

HAVANA — Cuba announced Tuesday it has set Jan. 20 for national elections that are part of the process of determining whether ailing leader Fidel Castro continues as president.

There was no explicit mention of Fidel Castro, but the 81-year-old leader of the Cuban Revolution must be re-elected to the national parliament before he could repeat as president of the Council of State.

Iran: Children hurt in quake

TEHRAN — Some 20 children were injured as they tried to run out of a school building when a medium-size earthquake shook a sparsely populated mountainous area of southwestern Iran on Tuesday, state media reported.

State radio said the children were injured in a stampede when they rushed out of their classrooms.

Italy: Fugitive caught in Germany

ROME — German police on Tuesday arrested a fugitive wanted in the sex slaying of a British college student in Italy, nabbing an African man whose fingerprints had been found at the bloody scene of the sordid crime that has gripped Italians.

Hours later, another man was freed from jail, where he had been held after being accused of the stabbing by yet another suspect, the victim's 20-year-old American roommate.

Saudi Arabia: Sentence boosted

RIYADH — The Saudi judiciary on Tuesday defended a court verdict that sentenced a 19-year-old victim of a gang rape to six months in jail and 200 lashes because she was with an unrelated male when they were attacked.

The Shiite Muslim woman had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes after being convicted of violating Saudi Arabia's rigid Islamic law requiring segregation of the sexes. But in considering her appeal, the Saudi General Court increased the punishment.