Dell Inc., targeting consumers in a bid to win back the lead in personal-computer sales, introduced its first all-in-one desktop PC, a system that combines a computer and monitor in a single chassis.

The product, called XPS One, will debut in Japan on Nov. 20 and in the United States later this month, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell said. The aluminum-and-glass PC, which has a 20-inch display and a television tuner, will cost 149,800 yen ($1,356) in Japan and $1,499 in the United States.

Chief executive officer Michael Dell, who demonstrated the PC at a technology conference last week, is reaching out to home-entertainment shoppers. The device is designed to let users watch television and DVDs, listen to music and handle computer tasks on a single system.

Dell isn't first with a space-saving design. Apple Inc.'s all-in-one iMac, its most popular desktop computer, debuted in 1998. Gateway Inc., purchased last month by Acer Inc., introduced its first all-in-one computer in September.