With the team taking Sunday off following a three-game road trip and the New Jersey Nets visiting Utah tonight, a few recent and somewhat random thoughts on various Jazz players from coach Jerry Sloan ...

• Starting shooting guard Ronnie Brewer: "The position he plays, it's unfortunate, but guys he has to play against are very talented people, guys that score a lot of points. And sometimes the burden is on him to do something to try to be able to do something about that. But you can't do it alone, and that's where we've probably failed."

• Starting small forward Andrei Kirilenko: "He's doing about everything you can ask a guy to do. He seems to be much more at ease with himself the way he's playing ... He's missed some shots, and hasn't shot a lot of shots. But when he has the ball, and people move, he usually passes it to them. As many times as he's been open, he's not getting the basketball where he needs the ball to be able to score ... A lot of guys don't see any farther than their nose."

• Backup shooting guard Gordan Giricek, who seemed upset to be pulled from Friday's loss at Cleveland following a defensive lapse: "In coaching I don't think you ever bat a hundred percent dealing with guys and always treat them exactly like they want to be treated. I guess I've always gotten on players here and there as time goes on, and some players handle it a little differently than others, and I don't handle it very well at times, because I'm sometimes a little emotional about it. But, I mean, he's been here four, five years. It's not like he's a rookie trying to find out who I am or what I'm about. We need him to play well, we need him to play intelligently, we need ... (his) being able to shoot the basketball."

• Reserve swingman C.J. Miles, who has played sparingly and sporadically after missing offseason action due to an unsettled contract situation: "He's got work to do to catch up because he didn't play in the summer league, and he's got work to do to try to make himself a better basketball player ... If he can demand minutes from what we see in practice and what we see every time he gets in a game, then he'll get looked at a little bit. But he's a young player. He's got a lot to work on, and he's got a lot to work with."

HE BLOGGED IT: On NBA.com, Jazz rookie Morris Almond, who has played in just two games this season and still has yet to score his first NBA point, dish his first NBA assist, pull down his first NBA rebound, make his first NBA steal, block his first NBA shot or even commit his first NBA turnover (though he has already committed his first NBA foul, two in fact): "At Rice when I wouldn't get in the game, I'd have to walk back to my dorm room afterwards, dejected AND broke. At least I get a little scratch for my troubles this time around."

SHE BLOGGED IT: On her husband Andrei's Web site, Jazz wife Masha Kirilenko: "I buy seasonal tickets for myself each season and sit right across Andrei. Not sure if Jerry Sloan likes that ;). So during the game I can talk to Andrei. Well, not really talk but I do read lips and he reads mine."

MISC.: The Jazz tonight will be without backup point guard Jason Hart, who is mourning the death of his maternal grandmother in Los Angeles ... New Jersey center Jason Collins, twin brother of Jazz big man Jarron Collins, came off the bench for the first time this season in Saturday's loss to Miami ... With backup point guard Darrell Armstrong sidelined by a severely bruised right thigh, Weber State product and five-season NBA veteran Eddie Gill — who played this past July on the Jazz's Rocky Mountain Revue summer-league team — signed with New Jersey last week and has played two games for the Nets.

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