EAGLE MOUNTAIN — About a couple of dozen Eagle Mountain residents turned out Thursday night for a town hall meeting that touched on a variety of issues — from concerns over zoning to desires for a new skate park.

The session was intended as a get-acquainted opportunity for residents to ask questions of Mayor-elect Heather Jackson and the current mayor, Don Richardson.

Richardson was appointed to the post after Brian Olsen resigned in the wake of criminal charges being filed after an investigation alleged he misused public funds.

But instead of concerns over scandals or questions about leadership, residents seemed more concerned about the onset of multifamily developments in the city.

Several residents asked why so many multifamily, high density developments had been approved by the Planning Commission. City officials did their best to address concerns about the apartments and condominiums becoming unsightly or slums.

Eagle Mountain resident Donna Milakovic said the city would ultimately decide what the zones with multifamily housing would become. Park City has multiple condominiums and apartment spaces, and the city remains beautiful and welcoming, and Eagle Mountain can become that way if the city decides it wants to keep Eagle Mountain beautiful, she said.

City Administrator John Hendrickson said the city cannot deny a developer the right to build if everything is done within zoning specifications.

Residents also voiced concerns about other zoning issues, as well as part of the city which hasn't been kept up by the parks department, such as garbage along the fences of certain subdivisions. The Mountain View Corridor was also discussed with city officials and residents said they strongly supported one of the proposed routes at 2100 North in Lehi — a route most Lehi residents are against.

Other attendees mentioned the need for a skate park in the city center as well as in The Ranches. Hendrickson said several options for the parks are being considered.

The city plans to build a multiphase, multi-million dollar 60-acre park between the city's center and The Ranches development. At completion, the city intends to have baseball and soccer fields, and water features, with space for new schools to utilize the park for their needs, Richardson said.

Jackson said she intends to renew commissions and boards that had been pushed aside by other administrations, such as those dealing with economic development. She also said she intends to focus on parks.

"I feel really strongly to complete the open spaces that we have and deal with the issues we have with parks," she said.

In addition, she said she would work on figuring out the best way for city offices to be open on Friday for residents to pay utility bills and conduct other business with the city.

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