Traci Sorenson

PROVO — A woman who police say went to sleep while her daughter died on the floor of a drug overdose appeared in court Thursday morning.

Traci Sorenson, 44, is charged in 4th District Court with a second-degree felony of manslaughter for the death of 26-year-old Kaydie Sorenson.

Pleasant Grove Police allege Sorenson knew her daughter had taken nearly 90 OxyCodone pills and several other tablets on May 4, but she failed to call police when she found her unconscious.

Sorenson appeared before Judge Gary Stott Thursday, who set her next hearing for Dec. 6. Outside the courtroom, Sorenson refused to comment but was emotional as she talked with an attorney.

Back in May, Kaydie Sorenson allegedly called her mother saying she was tired of living in a trashy motel and wanted to come live at home, said Pleasant Grove Police Capt. Cody Cullimore.

The mother agreed and told the girl to take a taxi to her Pleasant Grove home.

The girl filled a prescription on the way home, and Traci Sorenson found her on the couch, groggy and fading in and out of consciousness, Cullimore said.

When Traci Sorenson returned from an appointment later that day, she found Kaydie Sorenson passed out, but went to bed, Cullimore said.

In the morning, Cullimore said they got a call from a younger daughter. He said the mother never called police because she knew Kaydie had warrants out for her arrest.