LAYTON — Police have arrested a man they said filled pumpkins with gasoline and then threatened to blow up a house.

Police were called on Oct. 23 by a woman who said she and her roommates had kicked her ex-boyfriend out of their house when they learned he was a convicted sex offender.

"They basically told him, 'You're not welcome to come back to the house,' which angered him to the point where he started calling and threatening his ex-girlfriend," Layton Police Sgt. Mark Chatlin said Wednesday.

Police said during one phone call, the man threatened to blow up their house.

"She walked outside to see if he was around. She noticed gasoline poured all over the hood of her car," Chatlin said. "There was a couple of pumpkins, hollowed out and filled with gasoline."

During another phone call, police responded and spoke to the man, who claimed he was a Riverdale police officer, Chatlin said.

On Wednesday, officers tracked down Davin Shawn Kelley, 33, and booked him into the Davis County Jail on suspicion of possession of an explosive device, terroristic threats, criminal mischief, impersonating a police officer and failure to register as a sex offender.

The Utah Sex Offender Registry said Kelley was convicted in 2004 on a charge of sex abuse of a child. Layton police said he had not updated his registry information.