Utah public health officials on Wednesday lifted restrictions on swimming.

In August, because of an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis, anyone who wears diapers was banned from public pools, and pool owners were required to hyperchlorinate pools and maintain higher levels of chlorine.

The rules came because, since June 1, Utah health officials had seen 1,912 cases of the parasite-borne illness, which causes severe, chronic diarrhea. In the last three weeks, the number of cases has dropped drastically.

But health officials still are stressing the importance of the public's cooperation in preventing another outbreak. Anyone who has had diarrhea should refrain from swimming for two weeks after the symptoms have ended.

The number of cases will continue to be monitored, with the possibility of restrictions again if the numbers climb.

Other states also have seen an increase in cryptosporidiosis cases this year. Public health is researching ways to prevent or limit a similar outbreak next spring when swimmers return in great numbers to public pools.