The Deseret Morning News Sub for Santa program is in need of volunteers.

Even though Christmas is a few weeks away, many people won't have a Christmas unless individuals, groups, clubs and businesses step forward to "adopt" them.

Two hundred families will be assisted by the Deseret Morning News Sub for Santa program. Families with two parents, single parents and from one to eight children, ages 1 to 12, are now waiting for assistance. Every effort will be made to make matches compatible with the desires of "volunteer Santas."

The suggested level of help is $75 in gifts for each child. It is suggested that the Sub for Santa sponsors provide new clothing items, new toys and a book for each child.

Sponsors are also encouraged to either give a grocery gift certificate or help provide items for a Christmas dinner for the family.

In addition to purchasing gifts for the children, sponsors wrap the presents and arrange a time with the family to deliver the gifts. Sponsors are not obligated to provide gifts for the parents or holiday decorations but may do so if they wish.

The Deseret Morning News Sub for Santa program is one of several programs under the umbrella of the Salt Lake Community Christmas Coordinating Council for Salt Lake County, whose purpose is to maximize resources and avoid duplications.

The program will accept phone calls from volunteers at 237-2135, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Anyone in need of Christmas assistance should call 988-4204 and not the Deseret Morning News.