Walker, Walker and Benson sounds like a law firm but Keeyen, Lewis and Jordan, respectively, play in a Judge Memorial secondary that is, well, tougher than a siren-chasing attorney.

Keeyen Walker leads the state counting 11 interceptions to his credit — his next closest competitor has seven. Cousin Lewis has 78 tackles which may not be an overwhelming amount but a few of those have been touchdown saving tackles where he excels roaming at safety.

"I love to chase a runner down and save a TD," he said. "We have good linebackers and you don't get a lot (of runners) coming to safety."

Benson is the steady one of the group.

"People tell me I'm disciplined," he said. "I try to stick to my guy and stay right on him."

In the semifinal game against Union last week he returned an interception 59 yards for a touchdown.

"That was a game-changer," said Judge coach James Cordova. "He is a stalwart. He is a shutdown guy."

Benson said he read the quarterback's eyes on that one. He anticipated the play from watching film but he also said about watching the QB's eyes.

"You have to be in the right position. You can't do it on every play," he said.

Keeyen Walker has anticipation skills that were verified by Benson.

"He reacts to the ball really well," said Benson.

Walker plays wide receiver on offense and had nine TD catches, but clearly he relishes his defensive role.

"If we are down in a game I can make a big hit, an interception or a fumble recovery that can change the momentum of the game." He said. "I can change the game with one play."

Keeyen Walker is a junior and is just getting started on the recruiting junket. Lewis Walker is being courted by Washington, Oregon and several in-state schools. He is getting a late start in recruiting because last year as a junior he broke his leg and missed all but two games.

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Special teams are also a specialty of Walker and Walker. Keeyen has returned two kickoffs for TDs and Lewis has returned two punts for TDs. Cordova keeps Lewis off the kick-off return team realizing that he doesn't want to over use him. But Cordova says, "Special teams are huge in the playoffs."

Benson is a wide receiver also with four TD receptions to his credit but he didn't hesitate in saying he enjoyed his defensive duties more than the offense. Lewis Walker did hesitate when trying to decide whether he liked offense or defense best. From his wingback position on the offense he has scored 10 TDs and averaged over 10 yards per carry — third best in the state.

Considering those stats one can see why he may like offense best, but he didn't concede that as he offered, "I don't know (which he likes the best). Wherever I can make a big play."

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