PLEASANT GROVE — Looking for some fun crafts, games, food and decorating ideas for Thanksgiving? Suzanne Price, director of the Macey's Little Theater in Pleasant Grove offers some good ones:

• Little Turkeys for Little People — prepare Cornish game hens they can stuff themselves. Bake in a small roaster. Let the children baste once in a while.

• Cheese turkeys with crackers — use a turkey cookie cutter to cut shapes from processed cheese. They could even float in a hot tomato starter/soup.

• Create a "Roll of Blessings" — using adding machine tape write down a list of blessings. Make streamers for the room from this roll. Use different color ink and maybe even add a few turkeys.

• Make a blessing chain — cut colored paper into equal strips. Write a blessing on each strip and attach to each other forming a long chain. Have the children decorate the room and down the center of the tables with these chains. When some sort of a signal is given during dinner, have someone take off one of the chains and read the blessing.

• Question jar — have each person put a question for a particular person or group in a decorated jar. Sometime in the day gather and have the questions drawn out of the jar, read and answer. Example: "How did Grandpa ask Grandma to marry him? How did Aunt Julie and Uncle Brad meet? What did Lori look like as a baby?" etc. Use your imagination.

• ABC's of gratitude — going around the dinner table, have each person name something they are thankful for beginning with the letter "A." After everyone has done that, begin again using the letter "B" and so on. The little ones might need some help with this, and, yes, sometimes nonsense enters in — that's OK.

• Popcorn blessings — have each guest take some unpopped kernels of popcorn. Put them in a small souffle cup by their plate (or some other small container). As you are eating let the guests know they need to name a blessing for every kernel of corn they took. As they pick each one up and state the blessing, have them piece it in a large bowl, along with the kernels of other guests. Later in the day pop this corn.

• Hold a turkey challenge —have your flock try their luck at this fowl play. Players pair off, each tucking a bandanna or scarf into the back pocket or rear waistband of their pants. At "GO," both players in each pair begin hopping on one foot and flapping one arm like a wing. Each uses his free hand to attempt to steal his opponent's bandanna while maneuvering to keep his own from being snatched. The first player in each pair to lose his bandanna or balance (setting down your other foot is illegal) is out. Winners can then pair up and face off again, until a champion turkey is determined.

• Thanksgiving tree — Cut out a tree from brown construction paper or butcher paper. Using autumn-colored construction paper, cut out leaves. Have each one jot down thankful thoughts on the leaves and tape them to the tree for everyone to see.

• Turkey dinner song — At dinner sing this song to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" Try it as a round.

Turkey dinner, turkey dinner

Gather round, gather round.

Who will get the drumstick?

Yummy, yummy drumstick

All sit down, all sit down.

Cornbread muffins, chestnut stuffing,

Puddin' pie, one foot high.

All of us were thinner

Until we came to dinner,

Me oh my, me oh my.