Fourteen patents were awarded to Utah inventors on Oct. 16.

Foot tent apparatus. Paul E. Huber, Salt Lake City. Filed May 3, 2005. Patent No. 7,281,282.

Apparatus and methods for sealing voids in a subterranean formation. Richard J. Curtice, Vernal; Gregory D. Wilcox, Wooster,

Ohio; Len E. Fry, Butler, Ohio. Assigned to Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., Duncan, Okla. Filed March 12, 2004. Patent No. 7,281,576.

Transaction instrument inventory management system and method. Randy Beck, Alpine; Sven Miller, Salt Lake City; Clyde Page, South Jordan. Assigned to American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc., New York, N.Y. Filed Jan. 25, 2005, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,281,653.

Corneal topography slit image alignment via analysis of half-slit image alignment. Lloyd Allred, Bountiful. Assigned to Bausch

& Lomb Incorporated, Rochester, N.Y. Filed July 21, 2005. Patent No. 7,281,799.

Blending jar apparatus having a generally rectangular shape. Thomas D. Dickson Jr., Midway. Assigned to K-Tec Inc., Orem. Filed Dec. 26, 2005, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,281,842.

Recovery of metal values. Patrick M. Brown, Exton, Pa.; Robert A. Hard, Hallowell, Maine; Donna D. Harbuck, Salt Lake City; G. Kyle Green, Sandy. Assigned to Caboi Corporation, Boston, Mass. Filed March 26, 1996.

Wire network mapping method and apparatus using impulse responses. Chet Lo, Cynthia Furse, both of Salt Lake City. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 31, 2006, claiming priority to provisional patent application no 60/648,836, filed Jan. 31, 2005. Patent No. 7,282,922.

Stylus input device utilizing a permanent magnet. Brian Taylor, Daniel Lee, both of Salt Lake City; Richard Woolley, Orem; Paul Glad, Taylorsville; Michael Harney, Layton; Benjamin Gyori, Farmington. Assigned to Cirque Corporation, Salt Lake City. Filed June 30, 2004. Patent No. 7,283,127.

Semiconductor forensic light kit. Calvin D. Ostler, Riverton; Densen Cao, Hongyan Li, both of Sandy; Zhaohui Lin, Salt Lake City. Assigned to CAO Group Inc., West Jordan. Filed April 22, 2005, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,283,230.

Internet browsing using a uniform interface. Kary K. Burns, Draper. Assigned to Intellisync Corporation, San Jose, Calif. Filed Dec.12, 2000. Patent No. 7,283,623.

Method and system for controlling a machine tool with direct transfer of machining data. Mark S. Evens, C. Porter Bassett, both of

Orem; Walter Edward Red, Charles Gregory Jensen, both of Provo; Corey Lynn McBride, Lindon; Jonathan Edward Bosley, Tucson, Ariz.; Girish C. Ghimire, Hillsboro, Ore. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Filed May 10, 2001, claiming priority to provisional patent application No. 60/204,609, filed May 16, 2000. Patent No. 7,283,888.

Overlaying orthorectified aerial images with map information tied to a state plane coordinate system. Michael A. Olsen, Sandy; Gary H. Gurr, Syracuse. Filed March 24, 2005, claiming priority to provisional patent application No. 60/556,514, filed March 24, 2004. Patent No. 7,283,909.

Wrapping device. Robin Peng, Sandy. Assigned to Design Engine, Sandy. Filed Aug. 17, 2006. Design Patent No. D552,972.

Packaging container for gels and the like. Ryan Goodwin, Peder Singleton, both of Draper. Assigned to Agel Enterprises, LLC, Provo.

Filed May 2, 2006. Design Patent No. D553,007.

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