LAS VEGAS (AP) — One key prosecution witness contradicted the account of another Friday, saying he used a key to admit O.J. Simpson and a group of men to a hotel room to claim Simpson's property, denying there was a "military style invasion."

"I had a key and I let them in," said Thomas Riccio. "Nobody was busting the door down."

Riccio, a memorabilia dealer who set up the Sept. 13 hotel room meeting that led to Simpson's arrest on robbery and other charges, also said the former football star told him he never saw a gun during the confrontation.

But Riccio said he saw a man wave a gun near his face as hundreds of items were being taken from two other memorabilia dealers. He said Simpson's plan to retrieve items he said were stolen from him began to "go south" when the weapon was pulled.

"O.J. made it clear to me he didn't see a gun," Riccio said. "I made it clear to him I did."

Riccio's testimony came during the second day of an evidentiary hearing to determine if Simpson, Clarence "C.J." Stewart and Charles Ehrlich should face armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges for the encounter at the Palace Station Hotel Casino. Three other men have agreed to plead guilty and testify against the defendants.