It was no pep talk. No cheerleading. No comic relief for which he's so well known.

Entertainer and philanthropist Bill Cosby came to Detroit on Saturday to issue a challenge. Flanked by security, Cosby quickly was surrounded by a crush of people, many lamenting violence, poverty and fear within the community.

Cosby listened, but shot back questions.

"Do we have any kind of procedure set in place to be able to call and say, 'We saw who did this?"' he asked of reports of criminal activity.

"Crimestoppers," several in the crowd responded.

"And do we use that number?" Cosby asked.

Several shook their heads no.

"Why don't we use that number?" he pressed. The prevailing answer — fear.

It was Cosby's fifth visit to Detroit in recent years. He has made it a mission to address issues such crime, the disconnect between fathers and their children, joblessness and personal responsibility.