Winner: The Salt Lake County sheriff's office deserves a lot of credit for finally cracking a 33-year-old murder case. The arrest this week of Gerald Walter Hicker, who is charged with the murder in 1974 of BYU student Barbara Jean Rocky, came about because of DNA evidence preserved at the time of the crime.

It also came about because investigators weren't willing to let the case go. That ought to send a chill through anyone out there still hiding from long-ago deeds.

Loser: Meanwhile, Salt Lake police aren't making any excuses. They say they just blew it, plain and simple, when the jail accidentally let an accused robber go after only four days behind bars. The accused, Luis Acosta Perez, apparently hunted down a witness who helped get him arrested, then tried to rob him at gunpoint. A struggle ensued during which Perez was shot.

Perez went free because police didn't file paperwork in time. We admire the police for facing up to the problem. Given the consequences, we hope it doesn't happen again.