Elizabeth Duke, a career bank executive nominated for one of three vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board, has a confession: The stack of paperwork and fine print one gets when buying a home was too much even for her.

"I should be able to make informed financial decisions," Duke said in a letter responding to questions from Sen. Daniel Akaka, a Hawaii Democrat who sits on the Banking Committee. "But, I confess, I closed on a mortgage to purchase a condo last year and never was able to get through all the disclosures provided to me.

"The volume of paper was so overwhelming I just signed everywhere there was a highlight or sticky note," Duke, 55, chief operating officer of TowneBank in Portsmouth, Va., said in a Nov. 6 letter. She said "plain English" disclosures of key terms are needed and documents should be "easy to read."

The responses from Duke and fellow nominees Randall Kroszner and Larry Klane, provided by Akaka's office, came after members submitted questions to the candidates following an Aug. 2 nomination hearing.