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Salt Lake City's public-safety bond (Proposition 1): Election officials say there's a slim chance provisional and absentee ballots will swing results in favor of Proposition 1. In the meantime, the city and public-safety officials are exploring other options to find funding for police and fire facilities.

School vouchers: After the resounding statewide defeat of Referendum 1, a plebescite on the Legislature's private-school voucher proposal, Utah House Speaker Greg Curtis said the issue is now on the back burner: GOP leaders will not make vouchers in any form a focus of the 2008 session.

Jordan School District split: Residents on the district's east side voted to divide Jordan in two. Residents on the west side didn't get to vote. That issue is before the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has yet to rule on the matter. Meanwhile, school board elections will be held next summer, with the new districts to be operating in July 2009

Ogden and Weber County elections: Incumbent Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey defeated challenger Susan Van Hooser by only 181 votes. But that result and others in the county are in limbo until 500 absentee votes can be tallied and perhaps hundreds of provisional ballots verified and counted. That may not happen until next week.