I wasn't going to respond to your Nov. 2 editorial, but I will anyway. The writer obviously doesn't support waterboarding as a means of obtaining vital information to save American lives. Herewith, my perspective:

In a time of war, if the enemy shoots and kills our soldiers, it's OK to shoot back and kill the enemy but no waterboarding.

In the war against Japan, it was OK to drop an A-bomb on Hiroshima, but it's not OK to waterboard.

It was OK when the Allies fire-bombed Dresden, Germany, killing thousands of German civilians, but it's not OK to waterboard.

We are at war. We have to win, whatever it takes. You sit in your safe, little ivory towers and postulate about the ethics of waterboarding and how we will be viewed by others. If I have to protect my children, my grandchildren or my great-grandchild by waterboarding the enemy, bring me the garden hose.

Alan Carabine