For those candidates who won the election Tuesday night, it was a few minutes of joy, followed by a desire to get to work.

Election results
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Laurel Brady will trade places with her husband, Jim, to become mayor of Mapleton for the next four years. Brady received 1,345 votes and Ann Tolley received 720.

Jim Brady delivered the news to his wife over the phone while she was putting the children to bed. She said she felt relief and "a bit scared."

"I'm just really excited and looking forward to getting busy," she said.

Spanish Fork voters favored Richard Davis, father of Kiplyn Davis, who went missing in 1995. He received 3,370 votes, the most of any of the five candidates for three open seats. He said he ran to show his appreciation to Spanish Fork for all they've done for his family during the hardships they've faced after Kiplyn disappeared.

"I'm thrilled at what happened and I'm just glad I've got the opportunity to keep serving the people of Spanish Fork," he said.

He said he planned to celebrate by going to bed and getting back to work Wednesday morning.

Apparently Eagle Mountain residents considered questionable actions and pasts while voting in their election. Richard Culbertson, whose real estate license was revoked and publicized, received 501 votes to Heather Jackson's 1,535. Linn Strouse, the incumbent city councilwoman who is charged with a felony, received 527 votes, the lowest of all the City Council candidates. Ryan Ireland, Donna Burnham and Eric Cieslak will now be part of the City Council.

Residents of Cedar Hills, where one incumbent was running, re-elected Jim Perry and elected Kenneth Kirk and Marisa Wright.

Kirk said Tuesday night that he was excited and believed that all of the candidates would do a good job.

Lehi was one of the only cities to re-elect all of its incumbents up for re-election. Mark Johnson, James Dixon and Johnny Revill all received more than 3,000 votes from Lehi residents.

Voters in Genola came out in droves to give the boot to an annexation proposal that would have doubled the small town's population. The proposal failed to pass in a 312 to 86 vote.

Sandra Greenwood, who headed up efforts to kill the annexation deal, said, "The voice of the people has been heard."

Mayor Eric Hazelet said the City Council will fulfill its promise and at the next City Council meeting Wednesday will vote to reject the annexation proposal.

With only 43 of Orem's 48 precincts reporting, Orem City Council incumbent Margaret Black was hesitant to say anything celebratory.

"But I'm glad I've had the confidence of so many voters," said Black. "And I'm ready to get right to work."

Carl Hernandez, the first minority candidate to run in several decades, started in fourth place but pulled ahead of Brent Sumner by 158 votes. Hernandez knew being a minority could be a positive, but earlier said he didn't see it as a focus for his campaign. Orem's Hispanic population is nearly 8,200 according to the American Community Survey in 2005 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Mark Seastrand also secured his seat with 8,836 votes.

In Goshen, no results were announced because the three candidates were all write-ins. The votes will be tallied later this week.

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