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Tom Smart, Deseret Morning News
Ralph Becker, center, is congratulated by former mayoral candidate J.P. Hughes Tuesday night after the Salt Lake election results are known.

Election results
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Polls have closed, and election officials are posting results for some of this year's most-watched issues and races.


182,550 FOR; 298,887 AGAINST — 95.17 percent of precincts reporting

Referendum 1 has been the most controversial issue of the 2007 election. Groups on both sides of the "school choice" issue spent millions to sway minds about the proposal to give eligible families $500 to $3,000 for private-school tuition.

Salt Lake City mayor

25,880 Ralph Becker; 14,693 Dave Buhler — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Buhler conceded the mayor's race to Becker, who will succeed Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

In declaring victory, Becker talked about the bond he has formed with Buhler while running for office and their commitment to serve Salt Lake City.

"For me, this campaign has always been about Salt Lake City's future," Becker said.

"I want us in Salt Lake City to succeed together. ... We can only achieve our potential, I think, by fully engaging our community, by taking advantage of what everyone has to offer. I am committed as the next mayor of Salt Lake City to bringing people together."

Public-safety bond

19,784 FOR; 20,075 AGAINST — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Salt Lake City's Proposition 1 failed in an extremely close vote.

It would have covered the cost of five new public safety structures at three locations — including a new public safety building with an emergency operations center. The $192 million bond would have raised property taxes by about $175 per year on a $300,000 home.

School district split

School District Question 1: 21,563 YES; 19,052 NO — 100 percent of precincts reporting

West Jordan School District Question 1: 4,498 YES; 10,533 NO — 100 percent of precincts reporting

An east-side split from the Jordan School District was approved in a tight race Tuesday, but a similar proposal to create a West Jordan city school district went down in flames, unofficial election results showed.

A West Jordan citywide school district garnered just 30 percent of the 15,031 ballots cast, stated Salt Lake County Clerk's unofficial results posted online. West Jordan City Councilwoman and Mayor pro-tem Melissa Johnson chalked that up to a lack of information — a feasibility study was conducted in August — and detailed plan for a new school district.

"Not that the idea of more local control in schools or changing the way the district is managed is a bad idea across the board," she said. She's not ruling out a future breakaway movement.

Provo City Council

Citywide District II: 6,230 Steve Turley; 5,769 Coy Porter — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Council District 3: 1,342 Midge Johnson; 1,019 Melanie McCoard — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Council District 4: 1,369 Sherrie Hall Everett; 1,211 Barbara Sandstrom — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Council District 1: 1,285 Cynthia Dayton; 1,186 Mark Sumsion — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Incumbents Turley, Dayton and Johnson won re-election, but incumbent Sandstrom was defeated in Provo City Council races.

Four of the seven council seats were up for grabs.

Heber Wal-Mart

1,433 FOR; 1,327 AGAINST — 100 percent of precincts reporting

Heber City voters decided they do want a Wal-Mart off their Main Street.

The ballot asked if a new zone should be accepted allowing retail outlets larger than 60,000 square feet into the Wasatch County community. The Boyer Co. wants to build a 70-acre mixed-use development that would include Wal-Mart as the anchor tenant. Opponents argued that Heber will lose its charm and local flavor if such a massive development is built.

Ogden mayor

6,339 Matthew Godfrey; 6,143 Susan E. Van Hooser — 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Incumbent Mayor Godfrey narrowly won re-election in Ogden.